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“Online Digital Version” of the funeral program

John Lee Thompson, Sr.


The Online Digital Version (ODV) format is usually an exact replica of your program that can be viewed with internet access. The ODV has page turning animation and sound effects to imitate the real program experience.

ODV’s are shared via text, email, social media and can be downloaded for reprint. The ODV is perfect for SOCIAL DISTANCING Funeral Services because it allows viewers to have the full printed program without being present at the physical location.

An inexpensive counter measure to not having enough printed programs is to have a QR CODE POSTER and QR CODE MEMORIAL CARDS. Once scanned, the QR CODE will direct the mobile device directly to the Online Digital Version of the limited physical programs.

In addition to the ODV, we honor the deceased by creating a Pictorial Video Tribute that tells their story. Combine photos, audio, and video clips with music to create a video that will help their memory live on. Videos are hosted on an ODV page so you can share the link via text, email, social media and it can be downloaded for offline viewing at a service. Create a digital keepsake and preserve memories to share with future generations. With the Online Digital Version platform, lasting memories of your loved one will be remembered for years to come.

All of our videos have the Funeral Homes Brand and Contact info at the end. This help with call backs for repeat business. Our goal is to beat any competitors price by 10% or while allowing families to submit more pictures, video, and audio files.


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